Set up and run your cup online

With Cupmate, you've got just the tools you need to set up and run your cup competition easily and efficiently online. Cupmate helps you with everything from team applications, seeding, group draws and fixture lists to competition financing, tables and statistics.

Cupmate is all you need to make running your cup really easy, for an excellent price.

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Easy to use
All kinds of cups
From registration to statistics

We are among the clubs that uses Cupmate:

  • Skellefteå FF
  • FC Järfälla
  • Hv71
  • Lekstorps IF
  • Östers IF
  • Åstorps FF
  • BK Olympic
  • IFK Tumba
  • IFK Norrköping
  • Ängebäcks BK
  • Gislaveds IS
  • Bollstanäs SK

Available on all devices

The homepage of the cup works whether you are working in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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